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Rise of the Upturn

    Rise of the Upturn is a free game click to move action game where you play as a necromancer that is trying to steal a powerful gem from the guardians. Try to fight your way through the the soldiers that are getting in your way. But I'll tell you something, it's not that easy! This game is inspired by a game called Anarcute. Our potential is to create a free alternative that is as good or better than the inspiration we took from. Leave us suggestions, bug reports and more for us to improve our game!

Install instructions

  1. Open the game zip file
  2. Extract every files you see to a folder (all items must be in the same folder)
  3. open the .exe file


ROTU v.0.0.0dev.zip 52 MB
ROTU v.0.0.1dev.zip 62 MB
ROTU v.0.0.2dev.zip 63 MB

Development log